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Originally Posted by revolverjgw View Post
Stop using 50 goals as some sort of measuring stick. Times change. That's why I measure things in relative finishes, top 10s, etc. 35 goals in 2000 is worth a lot more than 35 in 1984. Brett Hull was still a top sniper in 2003 at 38 when he scored "only" 37 goals. That's less than Gretzky scored in 1994... but keep in mind Gretzky topped out there at 24th. He scored less than Bob Kudelski. Numbers without context aren't very useful.
Totally agreed. Round figure milestones with nostalgia attached to them are arbitrary, lose context across generations/eras, and aren't nearly as useful for the purposes of comparison as ranking yearly production versus peers, imo. I mean, there's something to be said if there's only one guy "in the 50 goal club", or whatever, in any given year. But to look back from the end point and compare two guys (possibly from different eras) on the number of 50 goal seasons they each have loses a lot in translation/context.

League changes (the increased focus on calling penalties and increasing powerplay opportunities coming out of both of the last lockouts, for example) also skew the scoring environment, and give "abnormally" high chances to reach an arbitrary threshold that will be counted no differently in, say, 20 years time to those looking back without context. It'd be interesting to see (after this year, and maybe the next) if there are guys who appeared high up the scoring lists in '05/06 and(/or) '12/13 but weren't as productive before, in between, or afterward.

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