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02-11-2013, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by disfigured View Post
I actually don't think it looks all that bad. We're getting into the zone more effectively. There was a day when they would have to try three things three times in a row before they gained possession. Now it seems to be only 2 things 2 times...... . But I do think it's improving incrementally regardless of what the stats say. I wonder if there's a "time in zone" stat for the PP. I feel like we're getting it in, and at least possessing it for longer periods of time than before.

Once in the zone I think we're getting looks. But our predictability is keeping us on the perimeter too much. The changes aren't helping breed familiarity. So while the changes have "sparked" things to look a bit better, it also delays the development of those bang/bang, no-look, goals that good PPs often get. I also think one of problems is we don't have a pure scorer, a trigger man so to speak. Segs is close, but he's young. I actually think Marchand is better fit for this role, he can pick em when he's hot. In fact I'd toss Horty out there more often, he likes to shot and is often times clutch in situations.

I'm not "obsessed with a sexy PP" like some, as Pie so aptly put it. But the cellar isn't acceptable either. Granted it's barely effecting our wins (obviously since we've rarely lost), but each of those wins comes at a higher price when you can't extend the lead with the PP. That insurance goals allows coaching to not have to shoe horn lines, or (if claude did it), role 3 instead of 4 towards the end of games.

A lousy PP also effects how teams play against you. They're not afraid to hook you down as much. Not timid about perhaps falling on a puck in the crease, or aggressively clearing out the front of their net. What would be the harm or consequences? A B's PP that's not likely to score. Change that just a bit with something that's other than dismal, and it opens up chances a bit more on the 5on5, which we already excel at.

PP goals also allow you to control the pace of a game, and its momentum. While we might always fair well in total goals league wide as a team, goals on the PP that can change the way games are played. As is stands now it's the other team that benefits emotionally and momentum-wise from our PP.

It's one thing to say we're a cup favorite if we bring our PP from the middle of the pack to the top. That's a tall order especially with the lack of a marquee sniper. But to keep ourselves out of the perennial favorites list for the cup just because we can't stop being the worst PP in the NHL is bordering on tragic.
Well said. There is more downside to a weak power play unit than not scoring goals.

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