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02-11-2013, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
On the blueline, Bickel is the new whippingboy, and for a good reason I guess.

But, most teams don't carry a Rupp and have use of him 82 games or 41 games or maybe not even 20 games per season. But it's those handful of games per year when things goes out of hand and you just want to at least force a goon to sit in the box the rest of the night that they are useful. Without Bickel, we don't even have any cannon fodder.

That could come back and haunt us...
I'd rather outskill teams than outgoon teams. How many Bickels and Rupps have the Red Wings carried? No we're not the Wings, but if you have good skill you don't need garbage players like Bickel and Rupp in the lineup. They're liabilities. BTW, those big bad leafs that looked so tough against Montreal were completely outclassed against us as we skated circles around them. It wasn't Bickel and Rupp that had us dominate them. Meanwhile people think they're some super tough team now.

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