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02-11-2013, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by NobodyBeatsTheWiz View Post
I'm a realist. Those teams were up-and-coming with a bright future, and had a chance to win it all (especially that 2009-10 team).

That's not where we are right now. The stars aren't firing, the goalies aren't stopping anything, the PK is a disaster, and the PP isn't much better. Combine that with the hole we've dug ourselves and having a new, inexperienced coach, and you get a situation where playoffs aren't likely. Even if Oates turns out to be a good coach, it'll probably take half of this season for the team to figure him out.

Which of these scenarios woudl you rather see?
1- The team starts winning at a modest pace (think last season) and finishes 9-10 in the conference, gets a pick somewhere around 14 and loses the UFAs for nothing. The run for a playoff spot convinces GMGM and Ted that only minor tweaks are needed. Next year we see basically the same roster, with one or two middling FA added (of the Hamrlik/Ward ilk).

2- The team continues to be mediocre to bad, is out of the playoffs by the deadline, trades the UFAs for pick and prospects, gets a top 5 pick, and one of (or both of) GMGM and Ted realize that a major change is needed.
Why are those the only 2 choices?

3 - Something finally clicks and the team takes to Oates' system and finishes the season strong as a 7 seed and carries that momentum to a ECF berth or better. The psyche of the team improves by taking a step forward and pushes the organization forward.

4 - The team continues to be mediocre, but other teams around the league are worse and the Caps end up with the 9th pick. The team gets a couple of extra draft picks but the spiral of Ovechkin and others continues as the external pressure increases, pushing the organization further back. None of the draft picks contribute right away and UFAs shy away from a team that is trending the wrong direction.

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