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02-11-2013, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
Tell me what makes yeo a good coach? I could not care less if he is a good guy or not, the good guy trait does not necessarily portend winning? But really, his coaching prowess of a year ago was certainly suspect, he had little to work with, but then so do many other coaches(Tippett) and they managed to do far more. From my perspective looking at the body of work last year and now the start of this year, it seems to me that Yeo is an immature guy, believe it or not a bit petulant and in a position that is presently over his head. As a rookie coach his performance earned him perhaps a C-, this year he is pulling a D+. The players are not reacting to his leadership or authority, signs that things are likely to get worse. BTW, the win against Nashville provided NO goals, the direction of this team is downward and Yeo has some culpability here!
Tippett and that entire Pheonix team is carried by one Mike Smith. They also have the luxury of keeping the majority of a playoff team from last year. Mike Yeo had a team made up of about 50% AHL'ers for a large chunk of last year and has a team that has been pretty significantly changed year over year and you are trying to compare the two?

The Wild's issues have little to do with coaching and a lot to do with a group of guys having to learn how to play with each other absent a training camp and significant practice time. Stop with the armchair GM'ing as you obviously have little idea what you are talking about.

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