Thread: News Article: Bruins reflect on Tim Thomas
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02-11-2013, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Mazzie View Post
In my experience, guys like Thomas who have strong convictions, also stick to their principles, keep their word at all costs, etc. I seriously doubt Thomas suits up for the NYI this year, because that would be interpreted as saying one thing and doing another.

Now everyone is going to say, well what about honoring his contract then? Well, I don't know. He obviously had to justify doing it for himself, and I don't think it was to "stick it" to the Bruins. The only thing I know for sure is these questions are going to be hashed and re-hashed on these boards for years to come.
What did he say though? He didn't retire. Just said he wanted to focus on his family right now.

I don't think he has any illusions about avoiding misinterpretation. Hell, his one short statement about the White House visit said it had nothing to do with who was currently in office, yet everyone walked away thinking he didn't go because he hates Obama.

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