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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Not everyone who thinks lazy needs to be replaced think they should model themselves after the leafs. In fact I think most wold say the opposite. And 6 months ago there was plenty of lavy firing talk amongst he fans on here, where have you been.
This thread is about firing the coach and following the leafs way. Of course not everyone who wishes Lavy fired will think that...but again, thats the topic of this thread is it not?

This team has an identity crisis, one which changing the man behind the bench isnt going to fix, but the man who dictates on ice personel can.

Lavy has to ask players to be players they arent, never have been, and will never be. The Defense blows, it consists of Timonen who is no longer a top pair player, Schenn who is not a top pair player, Coburn who is a nice number 2, Mesz who is a number 5 on a good team, and a plethora of #7's in Lilja, Walker, Gervais, Foster, etc.

because of this defensive ineptitude, the forwards who would ideally be trying to generate offensive rushes and chances out of the defensive zone, are covering, and just chipping the puck out. Why? Because they cant take a chance knowing that the two guys between themselves and their goalie BLOW!

You bring in a capable D-man to anchor this team and just you watch the offensive players start to worry about scoring the goals instead of preventing them.

Lavy has them working as a very defensive unit right now, smothering the offense because he simply has no choice.

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