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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
As i said earlier, much of the KHL's future success will depend on their ability to sell the KHL to the domestic population and the consumer spending power of the average Russian. There is no doubt Russia is the only even remote competitor to the NHL, but that will be dictated by the domestic economy, the government outlook on the project to remain strong for many years, and for the KHL to truely pennetrate the domestic market. For direct competition with the NHL, i think economics are without doubt the most important, and i don't know how that will look like in 40-50 years time. But if managed well the KHL can definitely become a hugely succesful sporting structure in popularity.

I would also say Russia is a hockey powerhouse .

As a side note, i can't wait to see what happens to Chelsea when Abramovich finally gets bored of it.
I agree that future economic and political developments will have a big impact on how Russian hockey development takes shape. For now, there is no question that Putin is a big supporter of Russian hockey. It remains to be seen the rate at which Russia will transition into a fully modern economy - there needs to be greater diversification away from just being a resource exporter.

English football continues to enjoy an ever-growing popularity around the World, which is no doubt exactly why Abramovich injected himself, and his fortune, into the middle of it. He just loves the spotlight!

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