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02-11-2013, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Grillinnap View Post
Well, I meant here in California.

Do SCF games on NBC get blacked out since CBC has the rights in Canada?
Honestly I've never noticed, because I'd rather watch the CBC feed than NBC. I find their coverage is superior, plus I like the game crew better for CBC than NBC.

Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Given your longevity as a fan, then you should be all too familiar, just as I am and most of us are, of the Kings finding a way to disappoint us more often than not. Let's be frank, were we satisfied at all with the Kings play last season up until the playoffs? I think not.

That doesn't take away from their Cup win, but today is a different day and that Cup win is in the past. I would like them to erase the thought of them being a fluke and being another team like the Carolina Hurricanes who found magic in a bottle in one instance and that was it. I want the ride to last longer. I want to see the Kings string together a season of consistent performance where they play at a high level and prove that they are a contender for the division, conference, and championship.

20% of the season has passed, after two more games, a quarter of the season will be played. Thus far, their best performance has been in a losing effort. How can fans not be disappointed with the team thus far? They entered the season with lofty expectations due to their Cup win and were expected to win and persevere, even with the injuries to Mitchell and Greene. They aren't doing that now and we're still wondering how (or when) their offense is going to start clicking.
Honestly, this whining does take away from the cup win. Who here thought that ANY team in this league wouldn't struggle during an 11 game stretch? ANY team? I'll expect that all teams in this league will have a difficult 11 games stretch at some point, so why should we start bemoaning our team, referring to the Carolina Hurricanes as a standard and worrying about missing the playoffs? We are 3-5-2, but really should be 4-4-2 if Jimmy Howard didn't morph into Martin Broduer yesterday.

We are tops in some key stats that lead to wins, like puck possession time. That showed a lot yesterday, especially the 2nd period. In the last two games, we've outshot the opposition 43-13 in the 2nd period. That's over one shot a minute in those periods. How many goals do we have for that? Zero. Do you honestly expect that will continue if we keep on pulling up the shots and holding on to the puck as long as we do? Of course not. Even the 1992-93 Senators could win a lot of games if they had the puck possession we do.

Was I happy with the Anaheim game? No. Who was? We've responded well since then and while the W's haven't come with it, what is so bad with our effort to warrant this Chicken Little, the sky is falling mentality? Nothing. Even you have to admit Ziggy if we play like this every game we'll win nine out of 10, barring a repeat of the goaltending at both ends.

I understand that we are roughly a quarter of the way into the season, but you need to understand that the sample size is to small. Yes our offense, numbers wise is bad, but it was damn good last playoffs over a larger sample size. And based on yesterday, it's actually doing quite well. If we get a few of those pucks up, we win easily. Heck, go look at Clifford's drive to the net in the first and Brown's shot in the second (I think). Both beat Howard, but they couldn't get across the line. Just bad breaks. If we had those goals, it's Detroit pulling their goalie, we have a four goal night and we likely have a thread of about 65 posts because when we win around here, no one has much to say. But when we lose a game due to a few bad breaks and a goalie playing above his head. we get some 300 post thread, filled with crap about how we are going to miss the playoffs, everyone should be traded and that we are just destined to be failures because we're the kings.

Honestly Ziggy, I don't give a rats ass how bad the Kings were in their history or how much they've disappointed us in the past. This is the present, this is reality, the past is history. And in the present we have acheived far more than we ever did before.

A cup win should give you more than 10 games before we go crying about the end of the world (and less than that in some people's cases), especially since we had our D desimated from day one.

Relax, have a drink and let DS do his thing. After this game, we should.

Originally Posted by Shootmaster_44 View Post
Yes their play has not been stellar, however 17 wins and a few OTL should get the Kings into the playoffs. In 1995, Dallas made it in as the 8th seed with 42 points.
The lone flaw with this is there was no three point games then. 42 points won't get you into the playoffs this year. On current projections, it will take 52 points to get in.

Originally Posted by Ollie Weeks View Post
Yeah, it takes a special sort of mentality to watch these games and endlessly shriek about the bottom line, irrespective of the game's details. Today was one of the best efforts of the season, and considering the level of play we were at on day 1, you'd hope more of the HF loyal would notice the silver linings and feel better about the rest of the season.

The team in front of Quick did everything right, and he let them down. How long has it been since we were able to say that? And even though he let in a couple bad goals, honestly, Howard stopped at least 5 that could have easily found the back of the net. Easily. So on one level you could blame Quick, but really that does Howard little justice seeing as how we could have one this one 5-3.

Sutter's boggle approach to the lines worked very well, all things considered. Thankfully most of us noticed that. Just off the top of my head, Kopitar, Brown, Gagne, Clifford, Carter, Nolan, King, and Richards created at least one beautiful chance that Howard stopped. 47 shots, good shots I would add. I'm really hoping that we keep the lines intact for tonight vs. St. Louis. I agree with whoever said that if we proceed with our centres in this fashion, we need a solid 3rd liner for Richards.
Bingo, thank you Ollie.

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