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02-11-2013, 10:06 AM
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MVP? (and why) Devan Dubnyk, natch.

Player who has surprised you with his play this season? Dubnyk, Jesus Schultz.
Player who has disappointed you with his play this season? Can't say Smyth or Whitney because the writing was on the wall for these 2 last year. Biggest disappointments probably Eberle and RNH at this point.

Strongest area of the team? (offense/D/Goaltending) Goaltending, PK. PP will be top 5 but more because of the talent than the actual system I fear.

Thoughts on coaching and system in place? I like Kruger's attitude, I like that he puts skilled players on the PK and in the 3rd period/OT. However, I can't recall an Oilers team getting as few chances 5-on-5, and that's going back to some pretty mediocre teams. Can't blame him for the injuries or the kids being snakebitten. He's tried to mix the lines up to snap them out of it, as he should.

Positives from the Oilers so far? Goaltending - Dubnyk is earning every penny of what seemed to be an overpayment. PK is consistently great.

Areas where the Oilers need to improve? Everything else. Especially transition play through the neutral zone and blue line entry. Forecheck much? I'd still like a little more physical play as well. Getting Eager back and soon Jones will help. Not convinced RNH and Gagner can be our top 2 centers going forward.

Overall grade for the Oilers? Overall C+. They have had to deal with Whitney being a shell of his former self, and so the Whitney/Potter/Fistric carousel, and losing Horcoff, Belanger and Lander at the same time was comical.

Revised season outcome for the Oilers (in terms of position in the NHL/West they finish)? I said in the poll before the season that my head said 10th and my heart said 7th, so I picked 7th. 10th is more likely and probably wouldn't be a terrible result, given the craziness of the season. If the kids start getting hot we could go on a tear though.

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