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Originally Posted by Quo View Post
Is it not common for the colonizee to not be able to enjoy the best fruits of their land due to the wants of the colonizer? Just a guess here but the good stuff likely all went to the Dutch for years and years before Indonesia declared independance (1945). As premium beans rise in demand for overseas markets, the locals can no longer afford it, enter Folgers crystals as a semi-palatable, inexpensive substitute and there you have it.

Incidentally, I did not notice this phenomenon when I lived in Colombia, a country which threw the Spanish out in 1810.
I should clarify. I would think that, even with the best beans going overseas, the experience of working with coffee for hundreds of years would mean you could find people who can get the most out of whatever beans they had available. So you should be able to find a local brewer who makes better coffee than Tim's coffee.

With regard to the post-independence continuation of exporting the highest quality beans, the IMF and World Bank have helped institutionalize the practice by convincing contemporary developing states' governments that they can accelerate economic growth (I recall the growth rate was an estimated 5% per annum for an open economy, compared to 1% per annum for a closed economy) by producing high-demand goods and exporting them to markets that will pay a premium for them (ie export them to the wealthy countries, ie to the Western markets).

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