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02-11-2013, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by MrWoof View Post
Exactly. The guy hasn't had a chance to really take a breath since the outbreak began. He's been on a slow descent towards a nervous breakdown ever since Shane's death and now the culmination of the emotional and psychological stress he's been under is taking its toll.

People here clamor for character development and progression and then whine about it when it happens as if they know how they'd react in the environment Rick's in. If Rick was still the same character than he was in season's 1&2 that would both be extremely naive and shortsighted and also incredibly hard to believe. Especially after what the group has been through since Rick was a nervous/tentative leader and a survivalist.

So apparently what? Events aren't supposed to shape and change a person? The guy's sudden loss of his wife isn't supposed to have an adverse effect? The threat of Woodbury on his group's safety isn't going to have an effect either? There is only so much pressure one can be burdened with before they snap.

People need to be clear with what they want with this show because it's all over the map. They want character development and then when it happens they don't want it. Weird.
You got me all wrong here I think. I loved Rick's transformation from cautious humanitarian leader, to the guy that won't let people stay with his group because he trusts no one. I just don't find the crazy thing to be good TV, and it got old very quickly for me. The phone thing was fine, and then to follow up with the explanation of the phone in the next episode closed the book on it, or so I thought.

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