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02-11-2013, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by RedwhiteandGreen View Post
That could be, but the idea would hold more water if MV had added two or three up and coming defensemen. Instead, he added forwards. If you're hurtin' so bad on defense, you shore it up, right? The Jones injury might have been a factor, but any way you cut it, I think the reality of the outcome proves that MV has faith in his defense and since he couldn't get the goalie he wanted (presumably Gibson), he decided to fight fire with firepower. That strategy seems to be working out just fine in case you haven't seen Trochek's stats lately. MV is a wizard.
I do not have anything against Levi like others here, so my comment was more an observation on the reason Aleardi was dealt instead of Austin. After all, Vellucci traded away offense in that deal, although he got back another offensive player -- and a potential OA for next season.

Vellucci's strategy was definitely clear based on what he added at the deadline -- if we cannot stop the puck from going in our own net, we'll just try to outscore them. It works at times, but all it will take is one hot goaltender in the playoffs and things could get ugly in a hurry. With no goalie available at the deadline for less than a king's ransom, though, I think MV did the only thing possible. Dealing Karlsson was a minor gamble that no one else gets hurt on defense, but otherwise it was a good decision.

There is no arguing that Trocheck has been a good addition -- he's been amazing since joining the team. Not only are his numbers up over what they were with Saginaw, but he is also making his line mates better. He is a short term rental, but the team is not going to be a serious contender next season anyway with all the players Plymouth will be losing.

Now, if Anaheim would only send Rakell back, the team's offense would be downright scary. Rakell still has only played four NHL games, so I wish the Ducks would send him back if they are not going to play him.

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