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02-11-2013, 10:35 AM
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I'm a fan of Teemu, but he's not a top 10 forward of all-time.

I think he has an argument for squeaking into the top 20, and is almost definitely top 30.

It's not like Selanne has been simply compiling since the lockout. He has 475 points in 473 games during that time, and has 46 playoff points in 62 games, including a Cup. That's rather impressive for a player in his mid-late 30s & his 40s. Despite having a couple of very good seasons in Finland before his stellar rookie season in the NHL, and missing almost two seasons to lockouts (although he was not near peak level during the previous two at least), he should be 10th in adjusted points by the end of this season.

I think he's very close to Dionne's level, and Dionne was 18th & 20th in a couple of polls in the History section (IIRC, these were around the time of the '06 season). Selanne was 31st in one of those, but has substantially added to his record since then.

To me he's in the upper part of a large group of players with at least one substantial flaw. In Selanne's case, his playoff record isn't the most impressive, although he did play for a lot of weak teams and his international record helps offset that to some degree. He's not the best two way player, but hardly one of the worst either, and Richard-contending RWs aren't really expected to focus on defense in more modern times.

His production can't be denied. Here's the list of forwards in the top 20 in adjusted points in their best 3, 5, 8, 10, and 15 seasons, as well as career adjusted points (since WWII):

Bobby Hull

Forwards who were top 20 in 3,5, 8, and 10 season spans:


Forwards who have been top 20 over 3 & 5 seasons:


Selanne has actually been between 10th & 15th among forwards over each span, including career.

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