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02-11-2013, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Gabotrick View Post
While playing with his brothers may be nice I remember reading an article on the Staal brothers when they were young that they would split into teams of two Jordan and Eric v.s. Marc and the Other one and the teams were always like this so they never played together. (I believe this was also referred to on the hf boards as well.) Also Marc is still probably pissed at Eric for that illegal hit that gave him a concussion while Eric somewhat refused to apologize on live tv or have any sort of remorse for him. Also Marc knows that the best situation right now is the Rangers they defense is stacked and they are a much better team than the Canes. Marc is getting a ton of ice team and in my opinion also having another allstar season. I for one do not worry about the Canes getting him. I believe that Marc will list the Rangers before the Canes.
The thing is Jordan Staal was a 3rd line center who it's widely believed is better than some 2nd line centers. I don't it was only him wanting to play with Eric. Marc is getting a lot of minutes and is playng a very important role both offensively and defensively for the Rangers. The 2 situations are very different.

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