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02-11-2013, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Boston BROin View Post
I'll admit that most of my dislike for TT comes from his politics. I'm probably to the left of Ference...

That said, I root for the Bruins. When someone seems to put the Bruins in a compromising situation because of his personal life, I'm not going to rationalize that as a positive because I don't care about his personal life.

Great, you helped the Bruins win the Cup. I rooted for him his whole career as a Bruin, but leaving the team that put faith in you, made you a top tier goaltender, and gave you the contract you wanted doesn't seem right to me.
this reeks of not liking him for his beliefs and nothing about his contract.

but leaving the team that put faith in you
- Lets be honest, Tim Thomas was not expected to be the bruins #1 goalie. And if it hadn't been for injuries to both Raycroft and Toivonen Tim Thomas would not have gotten much playing time.

After Raycroft got traded he was still Toivonen's backup. Toivonen sucked and Thomas put up decent numbers and won his 2nd straight 7th man award.
After that season they signed MFF as the #1 and Thomas back to being a backup again. Only to see MFF get injured and see Thomas steal that position again.

made you a top tier goaltender
Wait what? They made Thomas a top tier goalie? Explain that one to me.

and gave you the contract you wanted
2 vezina's a smythe @ 5million Per?
Take a peek at the top paid goalies when his contract was given out (something like 9 goalies getting paid more than him)

The guy left to be with his family, left millions on the table, and for some reason people think he doesn't have a right to do it.

Let me ask you a question. Would you rather that he retire?

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