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02-11-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
The teams record under his leadership says he is a good one.
Not really. Ignoring his first season, in five seasons since we've placed higher then third in the division once. We've reached 100 points twice out of five seasons. We've finished top four in playoff positioning from the regular season once.

In the playoffs, going year by year, we've gotten destroyed by the Pens in the finals the first of five seasons (which is acceptable), then we lost to the Pens again in the first round (not acceptable). Then we lost in the SCF. However, we lost because we had a disastrous, pitiful goalie combo that everyone easily recognized as such and our starter let in possibly the worst clinching Cup goal ever. IIRC that's the season we also made the playoffs by a shoot out in the last game. So it's a bit tainted by all that even though we got that far. Then we got swept by the Bruins in the second round then we almost got swept in the second round against the Devs.

So, in five seasons, we've had one impressive regular season and one tainted SCF appearance. Even if you count the conference finals appearance that's still only two deep playoff runs.

Also, in a league where literally more then half the teams make the playoffs, do not tell me just making the playoffs is commendable. It's not.

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