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02-11-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by skating101 View Post
You are correct Tiger, however some of my sources suggest his eligibility is under review and the early concession is his eligibility status maybe revoked. Hope this isn't the case very talented player

Not sure what is fuelling the review? Any insight wingman?
Its too late in the process at this point. The investigation started in September, if there where any issues, he would have been taken off of the draft list by now.

You are right, there is/was an investigation (on three players), but I do believe those are almost complete at this point.

By careful about 'sources'. I see alot of people who are only posting on here because of the age group (I Assume). I've been through this for five years, have seen the investigations on players like Grimaldi, Noeson, Guzik et all. Its very hard to prove a player doesn't belong in a draft unless another CHL team has his rights.

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