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02-11-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by chaosrevolver View Post
Being gone a day and a half would hardly be worth considering "dead"..

I'm a University student in the middle of exams so safe to say my weekends are a little hectic.

Anyways..with my two picks, I'll select:

LF - Joe Medwick

* 10x All-Star
* 7x Top-5 in Batting Average
* 3x Top-5 in Homeruns
* 8x Top-5 in RBI's
Love Medwick. Under talked about Cardinal.
Originally Posted by chaosrevolver View Post

I will also select one of the most interesting players of all-time. Some call him a mystery but there is enough evidence out there to show he was not far off Satchel Paige (some have him better):

SP - Hilton Smith

* Hilton went 6-1 against white big league all-star teams.
* 161-32, 0.889 WHIP
I was seriously hoping I could pull a Pavel Bure and get him late in the draft. Well done.
Originally Posted by Modo View Post
Brooklyn is pleased to select one of the greatest 3B's of the pre-WWII era, Harold Joseph "Pie" Traynor.

Almost took him instead of Dizzy

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