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02-11-2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by HyeDray View Post
The reasons for me to not deal Moulson are simple...

He has chemistry with JT, and that line is our only consistent scoring line — garbage goals or not. Risking messing that up when you are struggling is dangerous. There is no guarantee that what comes back in a deal, or what moves into that position will be able to click with Tavares.

He has a cap friendly deal. And that is reason enough for this owner, at this time. Wang is all about bang for buck, especially until we get to Brooklyn.

Lastly, I think that keeping JT happy is a good thing. He is out one true star right now and he is allowing the team to stay afloat — even if barely. A pissed off JT is not something I would want. If he requested a trade, the franchise would be dead for the next 25 years.

Id add — that perhaps next season is the time to deal Moulson at the deadline.

And I would also suggest that no player should be off limits with the possible exception of Tavares. But a return for Moulson would need to be pretty amazing for me to consider dealing him*— and we know Snow has a set idea of an asking price, and it is pretty high for his players. Something along the lines of a Corry Perry at minimum. Most will see that as overpayment. Perhaps the Isles would need to attach a pick along with Moulson —*OK. But a high caliber top line wing better be coming back in a deal for Moulson — and one who is in his prime, not some has-been.

TY and good points. The fact that he is a good teammate and the chemistry with JT is a plus (i.e. let's keep JT happy) but I think it also masks the inherent flaws. I am in no rush to deal him this year since those who would take his place are not here yet, so I agree that next year could be better if we were to move him. Maybe where we disagree is that, as much as I like the guy personally, overall I think JT will never reach his full potential(even with another good wing) and our first line will never help us get to the next level due to Moulson's liabilities (I have seen enough of him float and disappear watching him live at every home game). I know it may seem counterintuitive to trade a goal scorer but I think JT and the first line would be even better in the long run with a true power forward and a playmaker both with some all around skills. I would hope that JT can become a solid double digit plus player with the right line, rather than hover around even to minus...

.. As far as moves, I also think he is one of our assets that could be worth something in a trade that brings back quality. I agree that it would have to be something of true value coming back in return in order to do it and would not due it if it pissed off JT. So maybe next year is the time to deal him but i would love to see Tavares between Nino and Strome/Bailey (depending if Strome stays at center) or some high end acquisition within the next year or two. I may be in the minority but I feel he is actually a handcuff to JTs ascendance rather than be a facilitator and no matter how many goals he scores, the negatives nearly outweigh the positives.

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