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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
So 1/4 of the glorious (albeit short) NHL season is done. So what are your thoughts on the Oilers in these categories:

MVP? (and why) - Dubs...see yesterdays game. JSchultz gets and HM

Player who has surprised you with his play this season? Bad - Smyth and Whitney......never thought they would be this terrible. Good - Schultz and I will say Petrell has done pretty good IMO

Player who has disappointed you with his play this season? Nuge, Ebs but feel they will come out of it and of course Smyth and Whitney...

Strongest area of the team? (offense/D/Goaltending) - Should be offense but it has easily been goaltending

Thoughts on coaching and system in place? Too early to determine if it is coaching or the players are in a terrible funk......I tend to believe it is a funk. Although Krueger needs to implement at least some "dump and chase" hockey as teams have learned to stand us up at the blueline and as a result we cannot enter the zone and cycle.

Positives from the Oilers so far? Goaltending, winning some games despite what I feel has been a terrible stretch of hockey

Areas where the Oilers need to improve? Basically every facet aside from goaltending

Overall grade for the Oilers? I would say a C+ - the plus is only because goaltending has been allowing us to win games or get the loser point. Otherwise it is a C-

Revised season outcome for the Oilers (in terms of position in the NHL/West they finish)? I think they turn it around and win 4 of 5 at home and will finish 8th or 9th.....this is not based on how they have played as they look like bottom feeders again but I just think that the forwards will come out of this funk and start to score goals and win games in a deserved fashion.

If you want to do individual grades, feel free.
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