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02-11-2013, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by JonathanHuberdoh View Post
You're right, I wear my heart on my sleeve with this team, but I'm not clouded by emotions on this subject. Go back to one of our GDTs (it was after a win). I said we should send Shore down because his offense "just isn't there yet".

All I'm saying is I've seen this story before. As Panther fans, we've all seen this happen. Guy gets called up, plays better than expected, than our expectations get higher. He really has been great. Easily one of my favorite players so far this year. But I'm just not seeing that finish.

Honestly it's his shot. His shot is not up to NHL standards yet. He doesn't have finish right now. My point is that maybe he can work on his finish down in the AHL for the rest of the year and really come back strong next season. Some of you are saying that without Shore we'd be 2-9. Like I said Shore has been great but come on, let's be realistic here. Our "success" recently probably makes more sense from a perspective of Goc and others coming back/team getting more cohesive. We did play Santo on the top line remember?

My point is, so many of us are keen on keeping Markstrom down to develop and to "hone his skills" but we're all willing to rush Shore? Why? Why is Marky getting babied so much and others not? Shore hasn't even had a full season in the A yet. Remember when Marky came up and stole that Montreal game? We all had full on erections! But then we all came back down to reality.

Please, remember, I LOVE SHORE, he's been awesome. Like everyone says, he does the little things, grinds things out, hustles, wins faceoffs and gives it his all. But the fact that someone like Drew Shore is making a visible impact to our offense says more about our offense than it does about Drew Shore.
If you go back to Shore's college days and his scouting reports going into the draft, he's never really been considered a pure scorer. He's much more of a passing threat than a shooting/scoring threat and always has been that way. He's probably never going to score more goals than assist. It's just the kind of player he is. In fact, I highly doubt he sticks at center for his whole career. He'll probably move to a wing. So to base your opinion on why you want to send him down on his shot really isn't fair.

As you and others have said, he's done absolutely everything to show that he belongs here. He's easily our best all around forward right now.

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