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02-11-2013, 11:18 AM
Ellerby fan too!
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Originally Posted by Telos View Post
It is time to be concerned, but it's not panic mode just yet. We are at a critical juncture though. Just a handful more of losses like that and we will be in a hole that is very hard to climb out of. We really need to be playing at least .500 hockey from here on out.

The season is 20% over already, we'll know exactly where we stand at around 40% when the trade deadline arrives. So there is still a long way before any panic buttons are pressed, but right now we are 5 points out of a playoff spot and have nearly three times less points than the conference leader, Chicago. We can still easily climb out of this with a couple wins in a row, and that will likely happen if we continue to play like we did against Detroit, but if things progress the way they are for a few more weeks, then we may want to look at picking up a first round pick in this draft.

Bottom line, Bernier needs to be played more, Brown and Richards have looked better here or there and need to be more consistent, but given the work ethic and the types of player they both are, I'm confident in them turning it around and would never consider dealing either. Penner needs to go eventually, Gagne has thoroughly outplayed him. You always have to have a backup plan for Gagne, but the writing is on the wall for Penner.

Ellerby is a good pickup, I actually see him as potentially a long-time King. I think he'll work out, at the very least as a long term bottom pairing option. He'll either become the new Scuderi, or at the very least, the new Drewiske. Either way, we acquired an enduring NHL player in Ellerby and I'm glad to have him, even if he turns into a Drewiske, the price of a 5th is still very fair. He has already won half the battle with his skating, typically defensemen of his size take much longer due to learning how to use their body and getting their skating up to par, but this kid has a lot of those basics down, and if he spends more time with someone like Doughty, I think he can only get better.

Mitchell will be here when he is here, but as Lombardi said, we have to play through it as if he is out for the year. He isn't the type of person to milk an injury, and if he says he isn't ready then he isn't ready, and I expect him to return the moment he is, and trust in his judgement.
Ellerby will most likely work in the kings organization better than he did with Florida. Part of the reason his playing time was minamal (in my eyes at least) was that he wasn't a Tallon draftee so he fell behind the other D and his development was slow, most likely because people expected him to be a stellar defenseman right out of juniors. Too much pressure on him from that lead to him being 7th or 8th in Florida and getting traded to the Kings

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