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Originally Posted by 12345 View Post
Believing that ROR is worth more than a 1st and 2nd is different that actual evidence of such. He has had 1 good season - that is it. No one is going to give up high level futures for that. Furthermore, a team willing to pay him 4-5 million per season is a bottom 10 team looking for an individual with top 6 upside. That equates to top 10 pick. No team is going to risk giving that up for what could very well be an anomoly of a season. I'm not saying that he isn't very good - but players need to show that level of performance over multiple consecutive seasons, not just one season. What he has done so far is not worth a top 10 pick + a 2nd rounder + a long term 4-5 million per year contract. No building team would pay that in their right mind.

And Runblad was never considered the top defensive prospect in the league. He has always had high potential, like Turris, but has always struggled in the NHL. He was a project like Turris when the trade was made, and he continues to be a project. He was never some secure blue chip prospect meant to be a top pairing defender.

Why are you getting upset? This is a civil conversation and you are getting all worked up for no reason. O'Reilly was an excellent player last year - the question is whether he can produce in a similar fashion this year/coming year. If he sustains his level of production, then he is worthy of a high level pick and top 6 level contract. At this time, all he has is 1 season under his belt.
Well you just proved that you have no idea at all.
It is not worth discussing with you anymore. You have no clue who Ryan O'Reilly is and certainly have not seen him play.He is not a 1 yr hit wonder.
And you have no clue about the status Rundblad had when he got traded.
It is not a civil discussion if you are blatantly trolling by spewing nonsense...

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