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02-11-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by jd2210 View Post
I would grade Homer as follows:
drafting: 8.5/10
Trades: 7.5/10
Cap management: 6/10
Unknown FA signings: 11/10
Vetran FA signings: 1/10
Understanding cap management: 4/10
Making ballsy moves: 9.9/10
My grades are comparative to the rest of the league's GMs:

Drafting: 9.5/10 (we're percentage wise one of if not the best drafting organization in roughly 20 years)

Trades: 8/10 (we don't lose trades except ones where his hands are tied like in Gagne's case or he jumps the gun on a "necessity" like Eminger.)

Cap Management: 7/10 (he misses the beat a lot but there are so many people who thought we would've screwed up to the point where we'd lose vital pieces for nothing; so far that hasn't even come close to happening)

Unknown Free-Agent Signings: 10/10 (I assume you mean prospect FAs, which yes, he does better than anyone else at right now)

Veteran Free-Agent Signings: 7.5/10 (he misses one almost every year, like Shelley, but outside of that you can't argue he's done some great signings. Jagr? Talbot? Briere? just because he's flipped through bottom pairing defensemen means nothing when the rest of the NHL does the same thing.)

Understanding Cap Manage: N/A (this is the same thing as cap management. you can't try a man twice for the same crime)

Willingness to Attack All Angles: 10/10 (Holmgren is as ballsy a GM as one exists in the NHL, and that in and of itself is intimidating to other franchises. Holmgren has the resources to bully other teams, and he flaunts it perfectly. When a team can cycle through players through excellent drafting and excellent scouting, it allows Holmgren to do his job that much better.)

Rough Average Grade: 8.5

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