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02-11-2013, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
I only panic if my heart stops or I have an aneurism or something.

This is sports. Be entertained.

Within the framework of sports, I am not concerned. The wins will come. This team is far too talented for the struggling to continue for any length of time.
No see your wrong Ron.

Its time to fall weeping to the floor and panic! Give up already. Fire DS and DL. Deal away MR or limit his ice time severely. Trade or waive everyone who isn't at or in the top ten in scoring at their position. Bring up the kids regardless of whether they are ready or not and waive WM and MG so that we can bring in permanent replacements.

The thing about winning the cup last year that the panic now moders are forgetting is that there is one great aspect about winning the cup that should always remain with everyone who has done so and that is the experience that was gained in doing so.

Yes, this is a new season and yes we aren't off to the start that we all want to be but, we actually did learn allot about what it takes to win the cup last year and most of the players who are on the team today are aware of what it is going to take to get back there again.

So it does matter that we won the cup last year *this* season as we know what we will have to do to get back there. That experience and the desire to get back to having a shot at winning the cup is more important then most of the things I see poeple complaining about on these boards and that is a fact.

Is it panic time? No. Not at all. How do we fix what is wrong with our team? Well that depends on how much you want to change our roster but I can assure you that dealing away our less than average performers will only bring us back picks prospects or the same from another team.

Dealing away our solid players will leave holes that will need to be filled. Right now we are seeing how difficult it is to replace KEY VETERAN players with our prospects. Losing WM and MG at (or near) the same time is the key reason for our struggles so far (Kopi recovering from injury hasn't helped) and having our #7 Dman step in for one of them for a little while is fine but then having a rookie have to step in and replace the other is a bad situation, especially when you are asking that rookie to play a style of game that they are unaccustomed to playing.

So say we deal away JB and one of our bottom 6ers (a clear position of strength) for a vet Dman to fill in for MG or WM, what do you do when they are both healthy? If you plan on getting a lesser player to fill in for them then plan on getting lesser results. If your going to do that then why bother trying to replace either of WM or MG in the first place?

My point is that we have due to injury, injuries that would have cost us the cup last season we are struggling to put our game together. It is as simple as that. We play a PMD/SAH system and we are asking DavisD to fill in for the most part for MG and he is doing a good job considering he has played in 18 NHL games over the past two seasons and we are asking Muzzin and or Ellerby to play out of position (stylistically speaking) to cover WM's spot (or cover other areas so other players can try to cover for the loss of WM).

Are we a much weaker team without WM and MG in the line up? Yes. Should we be? I don't think so but you can't argue with the results.

Also remember that we have brought in a new PP coach who is teaching a brand new system for our PP and that is having a negative effect and will until everyone is comfortable with the new system.

I see us slowly putting everything together and am certain that we will go on a run soon and everything will be good again but then I am an optimistic person and can see what we have built over the past few years and realize that the culmination of each of the things that we have done just prior to and since winning the cup will be the reason that we get at least one or two more shots at winning it again over the next few seasons. To me that makes us an elite team but I guess we will have to wait and see.

So panic, don't panic whatever its all good with me. Just remember that there were several people who post here were had lost all hope just prior to DS stepping in and turning our team around and if anyone wants to argue that we didn't become a completely different team after DS got here take a look at the facts, I promise you will be surprised.

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