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Originally Posted by CTKingsFan View Post
It's not as hard to repeat as people make it out to be. (nor is it that easy)

Since the Red Wings did it 98. The Dallas Stars came within 2 wins of doing it in 2000. The Devils came within in 1 win of doing it in 2001. The Red Wings came with in 1 win of doing it in 2009 and if you look at it backwards the Penguins came with 2 wins of doing it in 08/09.

But, nobody ultimately did it. So, it ain't easy!
Look at those teams though. All in the top 5 or so of the whole league those years. Except Pittsburgh when they won it, but they also had Crosby and Malkin over 100 points.

The Kings were 6th in the conference in 2010, 7th in 2011, and 8th in 2012. Only 10 games in so far, but Penner is terrible, 1/3 of the defense might be done for the year, they can't score more than 2 goals a game again, and Clifford is still tied for the team lead in points.

Wow, just looking at the 09-10 standings. The Kings had 241 goals scored that year. A little better per game average than what the Kings did in the playoffs last year.

The 09-10 regular season, and the 2012 playoffs, are Doughty's most productive time in the NHL. A little chicken or the egg scenario there.

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