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02-11-2013, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by MN_Gopher View Post
We have played 11 games. We scored just one goal in 5 of those games. Should i list the box score? Almost 50%. Unless we are expecting shout outs we need a little more offensive output to win games.
I understand that scoring is a concern....I still maintain that games are won by defense.

They all skated. Practiced, listened. The playes that were brought in can play in any system. Suter and Parise could play any where and be fine. Brodin looks far beyond his years.

How much time do we give?
Right....skating is the same as playing in game situations...any pond hockey all-star should be able to come in and do well so long as they skate, practice and listen?

Suter and Parise can play in any system...if you give them some time to get used to it.

Everyone is on the same playing field. The wild are at no greater disadvatage than anyone. Its an excuse. The Wild were not grounded in a snow storm and missed more days than any other team.
Oh? Take a look at the teams doing the best currently. Virtually an untouched roster.

How is keeping a losing coach that cannot generate offense going to help the future? We do not have the luxury of waiting out a rookie coach with a rookie team. Just say we are rebuilding and he can have all the time in the world.
Oh, so the word rebuilding matters? I think your expectations are the issue...and not exactly the coaching.

Adversity = Yeo failed.
You want Yeo to go out there and skate for them? It's not his job to win games...thats the players job. As I said before, he is there to hold them accountable...which he could not do last year. Now he has the depth....I predict we see a different team this year.

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