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02-11-2013, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by rocky7 View Post
After testing the waters, it's clear that you and I would never be close to being on the same page in any discussion or debate.
Why not? Are you willing to debate based on scientific literature? If so, then I fail to see what you base this conclusion on.

If not, then you are absolutely right. The issue would then be that you deny climate change because you don't accept the scientific process, not because of any actual evidence and/or reasoning.

Originally Posted by rocky7 View Post
Hope your rant made you feel better. I gave up trying to have coherent debates with statists a long time ago. Resort to attacks and name calling now.
What statistics are you referring to?

In the end, it's impossible to have a coherent debate with you because you're providing no relevant information. You made a post that only mentioned Al Gore and then some obscure obfuscated claims with nothing to support them.

PS. I hope none of this is resorting to attacks and name calling.

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