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Originally Posted by Art of Sedinery View Post
You know they aren't conjoined twins, right?

It's not like being a twin sudden makes up for poor skating, passing, shooting, stickhandling, and hockey sense. They are both damn talented players, being a twin doesn't automatically make you a good hockey player.

How good was Kurri without Gretzky?

We aren't comparing 2 players to 1. They both happen to be very similar in talents, so it's safe to assume that if one of better or worse than a given player, the other will be as well. Feel free to analyze them separately if you wish.
I cannot tell you how weak your post is. You make no point whatsoever. Zero.

Yeah, you ARE comparing them 2 to 1. They havent played apart for more than what? 40 games combined in their whole careers. There whole careers are over 95% joint effort.

You CANT compare them separately. Compared to WHAT? They rarely played at any level at all anywhere by themselves. There is no way to compare them to the greats playing individually. 40 games as a body of work to compare them to? There efforts in those 40 games.

Thus the special category.

Lol twins being the same as Kurri and Gretzky . They played their whole careers together too? Grew up together came out of the same womb too?

Didnt know Gretzky and Kurri were Swedish.

I just cant TAKE IT anymore. Im sorry. Im not trying to be rude, but if you are going ot reply to my posts, then actually make some logical points

Do everyone a favor. Stop replying to my posts. It reads like a kid trying to show his big brother how 'tough' he is and his logic is 5 steps behind .

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