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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Theyve already said that they dont really care if they break the expanded universe. If some stuff gets left untouched, great, but otherwise the new stuff trumps the old stuff and they do not give a **** if people get mad.

And honestly, i like that idea. Nobody wants strict adaptations, and people want brand new stuff. No way to appease both parties.



And then I suppose all the new EU content will have to ignore all the contradicted EU material afterwards.

Honestly I would not mind if they forked the universes and gave each one their own continuity.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I thought the Han Solo Trilogy was not well-liked among Star Wars fans?

I doubt the movies will ever be as good as books though.

Part of the thing with Star Wars though, the original trilogy, much less about the sci-fi and much more about the fantasy. It wasn't so much the story and the special effects and all that, but the coolness of the characters, the amazing concept of the Force, I think even the possibilities. The movies were open enough that your mind filled in the blanks and we tended to fill them with things that made them better.

Contrasted with the newer trilogy, very much bogged down in the details, really bad and bland actors, they basically made an awful backstory to the original movies and instead of giving us cool characters and possibilities, they ran through all the boring details of the story and rather than inferring this massive war, spent half the film with action CGI sequences.

I suppose that's one of the good parts of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, it was heavy on characters and broad plot lines, and kind of in that way was closer to Star Wars than to Star Trek.
I liked the Han Solo Trilogy. There are only a handful of Star Wars books I did not like. The Jedi Academy trilogy, Jedi Trial, The Bounty Hunter Wars. Those ones I did not like. Every other book that I have read has been anywhere from good to excellent to outstanding.

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