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02-11-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
The perspective of so many on these boards has about the same time frame as a petulant 7 year old. It's like a 500 mile car trip when one hears every 15 minutes after the first hour of driving: "Dad. When are we going to get there"? This season is just starting its FOURTH WEEK and at least half of those who post here want to either bench Cole or send DD to Hamilton

Almost equally ridiculous is the almost universal praise for Rene Bourque. The guy has a few decent games after mailing it in last season and he's now higher on their totem poles than Erik Cole.

Sit back, chill, and lay off the energy drinks, kids. Water ultimately finds its mark and players like Cole, DD and Gionta will hit their individual strides. Probably sooner rather than later. The most that the real hockey people (the Canadien management) are going to do with the slow starters is to tweak their roles in fairly minor ways. They have this thing called "perspective". Look it up.
The whole team "mailed it in" with no coach. You lecture people about having patience and then rip on the guy for having a season where he only scored 18 goals instead of 27. Bourque has been the difference in a lot of our wins and has been a saving grace seeing as how Cole, Gionta and Pacioretty have been "mailing it in" as you would say.

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