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02-11-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by scotchex View Post
Different cities and different states can succeed with different strategies. There's no one size fits all strategy in a nation of 315M people. That said, people on the margin are voting with their feet and cities that offer middle class families affordable housing, good schools, public safety, and good jobs will always do well. The sunbelt has done an excellent job in recent decades of allowing middle class families to lead safe, prosperous middle class lives -- and the people have voted with their feet.
What remains of the middle class, anyway.

You're right to an extent... and the overarching trend of late has been moving in with the like-minded. Thing is, the quite populated west coast is coming to grips with old suburbanization patterns. Either you can say the changes are right at the tip of the tongue or "change happens," but it's not Dad's America for much longer.

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