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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
For what it's worth, I would have no problem with calling Markstrom up and giving him a good amount of starts. I would have no problem with that at all.

As I said, I never liked the Clemmensen contract to begin with.

With that said, all I'm saying is that the sample is still small. Our goaltenders are better than their current stats indicate, and there's a business side to the sport, as well. I don't think Clemmensen should be compared to the Santorelli contract, for example. Santorelli has been attrocious for a long time now. He's clearly not an NHL player. Clemmensen, on the other hand, is good enough to be a backup for a lot of teams. I'm not sure it's good business to trade a guy just two starts after he just signed a new contract, sorry. There's a reason Florida has become a more attractive spot for free agents. Tallon, etc. don't treat players that way.
I think its not even just about a "good business" move or not. Also, its about how our treatment of players as an organization becomes known around the league and Tallon strongly believes in doing that the right way. Guys like Havlat stated before how Tallon treats players very positively and they believe in a guy like that (same reason Campbell came to play for him twice now). Tallon preaches that he wants players with character and I believe thats why he re-signed Clemmensen.

So just discarding Clemmer via waivers would not be looked upon favorably nor would just trading him with only 2 starts in this season. I'm sure no one would look down on us trading him at the deadline if we're out of contention or even the offseason. If we're going to call up Markstrom at any point, it would be after the trade deadline and we've already moved a goalie.

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