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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
He is good at faceoffs (something this team needs)
He throws the body
He can play against other teams top lines and be effective
he is good along the boards
strong on the puck
Good Penalty Killer
Can chip in offensively for a fourth liner

What i think a lot of people are missing, is since joining the rangers, Boyle has been playing more than a third line role, because our depth has not been great. With the emergence of kreider and more recently Miller, Boyle can now go to his rightful place on the fourth line, where he can be an invaluable asset. I'm not one to mess with chemistry, so right now, things should be left the way they are, but to act like boyle is worthless is ridiculous. Or that he should be dumped for a 3rd/4th rounder is even worse. Last week you called him an AHL player, which makes me doubt your view on the game completely.

I've been disappointed in Boyle's play this season, because it hasn't been up to par. But having watched him for 2+ seasons, i'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he will come back to his form.

And if you think his play in the ottawa series was overrated because of the few goals he scored, then you need to go re-watch those games. I went to the games and re-watched them after i got back home, at many points, he was the only guy who seemed to be trying. He was throwing huge hits and playing great defensively, while providing offense and taking nearly all of our important faceoffs.
I don't believe I said he was an AHL player. I believe I said he has AHL puck skills, which is different and I stand by that. As for the bolded above I completely disagree with you and this probably explains our differing thoughts on BB. I think he is too soft on the puck, causing turnovers which leads to us chasing. This chasing leads often to penalties and on the plus side for BB, blocked shots opportunities. As others have said over and over, he is easily knocked off the puck and off his feet. His board work never leads to anything except time off the clock and normally is a turnover waiting to happen because he doesn't come off the boards and move the puck to a teammate. He just doesn't.

I also think that watching Ranger games on TV will give you an overly positive view of BB as Joe and Sam gush over him but never report on his lost draws that lead to goals or turnovers that lead to scoring chances against or missed opportunites in the O-zone due his poor handling of the puck. I too was at all home playoff games last year and I saw a different performance

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