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02-11-2013, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Good thing they're not last, then.

And Ward doesn't just coach the PP. NFL teams have coaches in charge of left-handed linebackers and third-down running backs, but it's not that way in the NHL.
They're close enough to be last. Its unnacceptable. I'm sure we'll manage without Ward doing whatever else it is that he does. You can't be terrible on a pp that you are responsible for, for 3 years. The Savvy excuse worked for a year. The players not being talented excuse worked for another. Its time we accept the responsibility,and replace Ward. I'm sure he can get another job I'm the organization. But c'mon now. The excuse meter is over. And if we replace him and happen still be bad, I'll eat crow. But IMO, I'm willing to bet we'd be a helluva lot better with a new coach and a new approach.

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