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Originally Posted by ginner classic View Post
Updated Luongo Trade Rankings:
  • Washington (!!!!) - Protestations about affordability notwithstanding, that team needs Lou like no other. The proposal: Neuvirth and Forsberg for Luongo and a 3rd
  • (+1) Tampa (!!!1/2) - Sorry, but why risk a contender on crappy goaltending. This team could be so much better - Garon and Connolly for Luongo
  • (-1) Florida (!!!) - This is still a fit for the Canucks. Markstrom is coming on now in the AHL. Theodore, Shore and Petrovic for Lou. Shore's emerging play drops the price for Florida.
  • NYI (!!) - No clue what this team is doing. Nabokov and Niedereiter for Luongo
  • Columbus (!!) - Getting to the point that Bob does not look up to saving a franchise. Would Lou waive to go there? Brassard, Bob and the LA first rounder for Raymond and Luongo
  • Toronto (!!) - No asset fit and Reimer is playing well. Maybe a three way is possible. Kulemin, and a first for Lou. Trade a second rounder for Bishop ship Kulemin to Pittsburgh for a prospect D . Convoluted.
  • New Jersey (!)
  • Phoenix (!) Can't afford Lou's salary but if the team looks ready to move to Quebec, it's a brilliant fit. I wonder if Lou could post a 96% Save percentage with Tippet? Gormley and Smith for Luongo.
  • Edmonton (!) Dubnyk getting it done right now. MPS, Khabi and a first for Lou.
The Off-season 'get me the $#^& out of here' Schneider Trade Rankings
  • Columbus (!!!!!)
  • (+1) Tampa (!!!!!)
  • (-1) Phoenix (!!!!)
  • NYI (!!!)
  • Washington (!!!)
  • Winnipeg (!!)
  • Toronto (!)
  • New Jersey (!)
  • Edmonton (!)
  • Minnesota (!)
  • Buffalo (!)
No offense, but those offers are terrible. Garon and Connolly? Forsberg and Neuvirth? A series of teams Luongo would never waive his NTC for? Phoenix? Really?

Does not compute (!!!!!)

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