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02-11-2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I am confused by your argument. The poster I was responding to indicated that dealing Richards and Carter was not a move made by someone who is a "visionary of a long-term future." I have the complete opposite view, namely that those moves were made with one thing in mind: the long-term future.
And I'm saying that if he really did have a plan -- and if he is thinking long-term as you think he is -- why would he make that trade for Versteeg in the first place and then let him walk in the summer instead of using that 1st to help to rebuild/retool that team in the 2011 offseason?

As has been discussed over and over, Holmgren felt backed into a corner cap-wise. As players get better and older, their contracts/caphits go up, so you have more money tied up in fewer people. If he was going to trade Richards and Carter, he had three options: trade for younger players/picks, contract swaps, or trade for older players with smaller contracts and/or picks. Which would you choose? The obvious choice in Holmgren's situation -- one where he little or no prospects -- is to go younger. To me, that's necessity more than strategic planning.

So back to my original point, if Holmgren really did have this vision of rebuilding this team for the future, he wouldn't have traded picks for Versteeg just months before his big moves. He's a gambler and he does things by the seat of his pants. All he did here is buy himself more time.

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