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02-11-2013, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by delchief View Post
Totally get that. So how is Lundin helping the transition game? Has that been a hallmark of his career as a 7th d-man for Tampa and Minny? He's never scored many points. Doesn't hit anyone. How is he helping us by simply playing a lot of minutes in below-average fashion? If he has some deft puck-handling skills then I'd love to see them. So far he looks like he handles the puck like a grenade. Wasn't that the knock on Boro?.
Have you been to MAK's school? I'm afraid you'll have to do it all again then...

On an another note, the perception of what a NHL D-man should be is a bit undiscovered for several Sens fans. It's basically you are Erik Karlsson or Anton Volchenkov in his prime, or YOU SUCK

Originally Posted by delchief View Post
I know you guys mean well with this statement but I absolutely ABHOR this type of thinking. I pray that it isn't shared by Sens management.

I agree that you don't overreact to one game. But you try to win ALL the time. You never stop. You don't relax and say "Well, we're rebuilding. It's ok to lose because we'll get plenty of chances at a Cup in later years when everything's perfect. Because the rest of the league really does care that we need <fill in the blank> years until we're perfect. Also, it's fine wasting the prime years of a Spezza and a Karlsson because... well.... we're rebuilding! Lastly, no team has EVER surprised people and won a Cup when they weren't supposed to. They always follow a strict schedule that everyone agrees upon which says this is how long our rebuild will take and then we'll be great! Because as you know championships are handed to the team who's the most deserving based on the timeline of their rebuild plan."

There is no tomorrow. Win. That doesn't mean selling all your young players and giving away picks for vets. But it does mean a mindset that never EVER accepts losing. The Sens did that in their early years. They even deliberately tanked at the end of the '92/'93 season so they could pick Alexandre Daigle in the draft. Karma??
lol, you're totally right, except that it is impossible to go pick up Sidney Crosby at the airport just like that, just because we WANT to win.

There's a thing called reality, but apparently it seems very abstract for a lot of people.

If you think Sens management, coaching staff and players don't play to win, you need to get your head checked asap. You don't have to be ashamed if that's the case, a good portion of the population have mental health problems. That's what happens in a messed up world.

Originally Posted by CarknerCountry View Post
BM is not no dummy he will react..
Ya he would be stupid not too...

Habs too should react... I mean they lost 6-0, trade EVERYBODY!

Originally Posted by CarknerCountry View Post
LOL how so? If Karlsson is our best player we will never win the cup..Question for you in all the years you followed hockey when was the best d-man the best player on its team to win a cup?..Karlsson is the best d-man in hockey today and Spezz is a top 10 C then after that what?? Kids? not fair to them...Make a damn trade.
lol ever heard about Nicklas Lidstrom?

You are very entertaining by the way, keep it going!

Originally Posted by Pancakes Pancakes View Post
Didn't check to see if anyone said this but it's not just one game, Sens have won only 1 of their last 5.
Well, to be fair they had a 1-3-1 record in that span
They lost two games 1-0 and another 2-1, even though they scored a tying goal that should have been good. Lost another in Overtime even though we did everything to win the game

Not bad for a cold streak. We have been outscored 10-7 in that span! The world is falling

This is not directed to you, but I'm wondering as what will happen when they go on a 5 wins streak, they will be the next Cup winners?

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