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02-11-2013, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by roon View Post
Ok - so Weber holds the club hostage monitarily and demands payment or he is going to Philly, but thats ok because Poile had a chance to match it and retain him? Suter, mentions he would like to re-sign, but goes to play elsewhere without the option to match. If Suter gave Poile the option to match but turned him down anyway, would there still be the hate?
I don't give Weber a pass in the situation either but Weber is still here.

Bottom line, Suter lied and lied and lied. It's fine. It's a business but he'll never get respect or love from this fan base. He forced Poile's hand at the trade deadline to make upgrades-- part of his "requests" for re-signing-- with, imo, no intention of staying. He held out without saying what he was planning in regards to staying and like a hopeful girl getting stood up on prom night, we sat waiting on his heifer ass instead of knowing to move on and find another date.

To make it all worse, he went to Liarpold. The man who gutted our team while making deals to buy yours. He is the devil and I hope niether of them ever get the cup.

Had he given us the option to match, I have no doubt we would have. so no, the hate wouldn't have been there because he'd still be here. If, for some reason, we would have passed, the sting wouldn't be as bad but he'd still be playing for the devil.

edit: yeah, what Legionnaire11 said.

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