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Originally Posted by Bourne Endeavor View Post
Henrik was injured. So what did you expect Daniel do to? He and Burrows were all that remained of a decimated top six. Incidentally, Daniel did accumulate four points, thus by your own admission he was adequate under the circumstances.

Why is you only accredit the Sedins as faults for an offensive implosion? Injuries were rampant and Boston took advantage by practically ignoring Kesler, gambling on him being completely ineffective. Frankly, it was a fantastic coaching decision by Julien realize our Achilles' heel - injured depth. How can expect the Sedins to much of anything when they became the primary focus of a five man shutdown? Unlike with Nashville, we no longer had Kesler to punish such tactics. The Sedins do not play an aggressive physical game and that further proved advantageous to Boston.

Allowing the Sedins to walk is narrowminded and foolish. We haven't anyone to replace their productivity nor the impact they do provide. For someone so adamantly against becoming the Flames. You are advocating the route that will lead use directly to that very scenario.
Did you seriously think that I meant 4 points in a 7 game series is on par with a 1-0 shutout? I meant 4 points in 1 game is the equivalent of a 1-0 shutout. Something Daniel didn't do.

Daniel Sedin is being paid $6.1M. If he can't pick up the play and make something happen because his center has a sore back then we are grossly overpaying him and have built our team around the wrong players.

I credit the Sedins as faults for our offensive implosion because they are our PRIMARY scorers. We had secondary scoring coming from the third line, but we had NO PRIMARY SCORING. Our second line was also non-existent.

I am adamant against becoming the Flames which is why it's a terrible idea to lock ourselves to two aging stars who haven't accomplished anything in the playoffs and are showing signs of decline. If we get rid of them then we have $12.2M in cap space to play with. We are able to have a top 6 consisting of Kesler, Booth, Burrows, Schroeder, Kassian, and a big UFA acquisition. In addition we can use the rest of the cap savings to improve our depth which should also include Jensen, Hansen, and possibly even Gaunce by that time.

The Canucks will continue to suck until the day Benning, Weisbrod, Linden, and Desjardins are all fired.
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