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Originally Posted by Dan-o16 View Post
On the one hand we have a pattern of cheap-o moves that help the Islanders shed real dollar salaries while allowing them to take on salary cap monopoly salary. The Tim Thomas move fits squarely with that pattern.

On the other hand we have a traumatized fan base who is happy to speculate that an ownership change will happen when there's no absolutely zero evidence.

I'd love an ownership change, but I don't see the Thomas trade, in context, as evidence of it.

Here's an alternative scenario: Isles see ticket receipts dropping as they start losing some members of the Long Island fanbase in expectation of the move. So, they want to cut costs for the short term, especially expecting that the salary cap and floor will be lower next year. I realize that's depressing, but it's more reasonable conjecture than an ownership change.


I agree that Wang just may be losing to much money and the numbers may show that, in Nassau, even if every game was sold out at box office prices and every playoff game was played to the finals that he would still lose money. So he keeps it at rock bottom until Brooklyn.

Who knows?

Wang has always been cagey

What worries me, based on Wang's history, is that beating the system is what gets Wang off, doesn't matter what the system is, IRS, NHL salary cap whatever, as long as he "shows" how smart he is and the rules don't apply to him, that's his Stanley Cup.

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