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02-11-2013, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Crumblin Erb Brooks View Post
Yeah I wasnt a fan of his little freak out at the end of the episode. He keeps his **** together for the entire episode but all of a sudden freaks out?

Im betting the baby doesnt survive the season.
He saw a hallucination of Lori... uh, if my mind was conjuring up the image of my dead wife standing creepily in the shadows I think that I would break down too. It's not a normal occurrence last I checked.

Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
This and oh my god this. Lol. I swear it's like some people forget the predicament these people are in. Why are these characters expected to react to their adversity the way they're supposed to? The whole point of this show is to show that people won't act the way they should in a situation like this. If you want people to behave like perfect level headed angels in a zombie apocalypse, this show and genre clearly aren't for you. Rick holds the biggest burden of anyone on the show and he's still fresh off of mourning his wife. Andrea has no excuse for her stupidity. Rick absolutely does. Why isn't anyone whining about Daryl deciding to leave the group?


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