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02-11-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Tuggy View Post
Almost a 1/4 way through the season doesn't seem like a knee jerk reaction to me. DD and Cole's play has been below average and is hurting this team. I don't have all the answers, but simply assuming they will pick it up is not the right answer.
You are right, 11 games is the time to panic.

Just as the parade was not to be planned after 3 consecutive wins, neither are the golf times to be booked.

While it is a compressed schedule, the same steady hand is needed. Huge, sweeping assumptions, and big changes are the way to spin this out of control. Keep your eye on the horizon, and make small adjustments. Have faith that the team's directors have a vision to BUILD to become a contender.

Just as the Flyers are not the worst team in the East after losing a few games, neither is Tampa Bay the best team either (even if they lost recently). Things will even up. The better teams will rise to the top of the rankings, and the non-contenders will sink to the bottom. There will be a few surprises, but the cream will rise.

The Habs were 15th in the division last season. Not 8th. If they make HUGE strides, they will make the playoffs, but to think they are a great team is fooling yourself.

Be happy when they play a solid 60 minutes and entertain you. They will not win the Cup this year, so just enjoy the ride.

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