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Originally Posted by WingedWheel1987 View Post
He is playing exactly how I thought he would. A mediocre #1 d-man. I have no problem with this since its not his fault. He is being asked to do too much.
Pretty much this.

Kronner is a great defenseman. Just not Nick Lidstrom...not even a declining Lidstrom (not many were).

With that said, Kronner is a solid #2, who can fill in the number one roll. Hence the "mediocre #1" comment I agree with.

He's not without faults...something every defenseman has...except Lidstrom (what a freak, I tell ya). The more I think about it, boy were we spoiled with him.

I think Kronwall is trying to be the #1 guy. Trying to be the "replacement". Trying to be a lot of things he's not. What we haven't seen much is that nice Kronwall pinch from the blue line and slapping that puck home. AKA, just being Kronwall.

Right now, he's probably trying to take on the world. He'll come around, though. I still say he should be paired up with Big E. He pretty much stays at home (decent puck mover too), and that'll give Kronner time to do what he does. Pinch in to make big hits/huge slap shots. None of this passive crap he's been doing this season.

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