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02-11-2013, 02:39 PM
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Hudler's problem was that his stregths as a hockeyplayer was nothing that is missing from our team.

He is left-handed, we have them already, roster full.
He is small, our star players are small, we have to surround them with bigger players.
He is slow, those big players (we surround those smaller left-handed stars) are slow, so we have to add speed.
We sign Brunner, we have a faster player, who shoots right. Same sized guys, but added two attributes this team is missing (better speed and handness).
You sign Samuelsson, you add size + defensive ability (that Hudler is lacking) + right handness and + speed. You sign a versatile player who could be used at TOP6, but who becomes worthless (like Hudler) if you have to take him out from the TOP6.

Yes, I know, Sammy is injured and hasn't been used anywhere. Not so "versatile" now. But the logic is there, you can't foresee injuries.

Minor things that in big picture makes the team better.

These are pretty much no brainer things. You don't need any conspiracies to think these about. Hudler would have cost 4 million for four years and the salary cap is coming down at next year and it isn't gonna raise much after that for next three years (when we have to make some costly extensions), because of the "make whole" department in the CBA.

So Holland signed cheaper Brunner and Samuelsson for the almost same price that Hudler would have cost alone. And he got these guys with shorter contract, that he could get a better figure with the cap after the lockout is solved and not handcuffing with risky longer contracts. All the owners and managements knew that the cap is coming down, so he didn't want to handcuff with an expensive player with attributes that doesn't strengthen our team.

Pretty simple logic, I don't understand why people are suggesting some other wierd conspiracy theories.

Hudler didn't fit in our team with our roster core. He would be a perfect left winger to play with Getzlaf and Perry. Teams are different. Red Wings are Red Wings and the Flames are the Flames. Let's move on.

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