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02-11-2013, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by davidy2d View Post
Having seen so little of Fasth so far, albeit mostly impressive, I think a really shallow comment between the two goalies would be this: Fasth can steal a game, but Hiller can steal a series. If this team is going to pull off a miracle and make the playoffs and do damage in them, I really believe it will be done in front of Hiller. Not to say Fasth can't do that or anything, but Hiller has a great record from 2009 playoffs as well as the 2010 Olympics. For all his soft goals and bad stretches he is the goalie I trust the most in Anaheim.
While this is true, some have noted that the team seems to perform better in front of Fasth recently.

It is too early to make a conclusion, but that is typically a sign that they have more faith in Fasth. When that happens for awhile, then it's time to make the switch.

Incidentally, this is what happened with Giguere too. The team played better in front of Giguere than they ever did with Bryz, which is why Bryz was not kept. But toward the end, they played better in front of Hiller than they did with Giguere, so the change was made.

Again, it's too early to conclude now. But early signs might point to Fasth.

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