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02-11-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by stv11 View Post
The NT breaks are IIHF sanctionned and have nothing to do with the NLA schedule. They may be a bit annoying but in the end they are a necessary evil if the coach wants to try new players, allow them to get familiar with the playing system and get some experience without the pressure you get during the pre-WC camp.
Of course the BREAKS are not NLA's fault but the schedule in Switzerland yes. I don't think it helps to have, in January, 5/6/7 days off between games. Right now we have again a break to Friday, 12 days without games. Ridiculous.

The IIFH has nothing to do with this.

I don't think the comparison with football works, because you don't have qualifying games in hockey, and you can't compare the way hockey and football teams are built either.
I am not comparing with football but honestly don't you know before with FEW exceptions who are NT eligible or not like in football.

Now if you look at others leagues, the standard regular season duration is about 54-56 games, barely more than the NLA's 50 games one. You could probably add a few games, but is it really desirable? The long NHL schedule also has its share of critics and many agree that if it wasn't for the loss of gate revenues, it would have been reduced already.

Its not about more games (5o without PO are OK and average in EU). Its about the DENSITY, the compressing of season to allow MORE TIME for NT. Then SIMPSONS could make his test and the players concentrate on NT only.

I agree that playing on Friday and Saturday followed by 5 days without a game is pretty stupid and that Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday or something like this would make much more sense, but in the end it has nothing to do with the way the national team is selected. International hockey is another level, where NLA performances don't necessarily translate.
As a top league NLA is on the CONTRARY a good basis. If you perform poorly or average in NLA how are you going to perform at international level.How many dozen of games is SIMPSON watching in the league.

Regarding your comment about the amount of practice or games, this is debated during coaching clinics by very competent people and it's generally agreed that skills are better developped during practice. If you've ever played hockey, or any other team sport for that matter, think about how long you handle the puck/ball or how many times you pass or shoot during a game compared to a practice and you will see why. Games may be good to work on agressiveness and positioning, but I don't think that the problem with Swiss players lies there.
You must be talking about juniors? Nobody doubts about skills developed during practice and me first but do you think professionals need 12 days practice like what has happened this week.

On the contrary this lack of intensity is PART of the stagnation of Swiss hockey NT.

The interest of IIHF doesn't correspond to the one of leagues, plenty of examples in the past. Because something is in place doesn't make it necessarily good.
A compressed season would allow the same tournaments and test with the advantage of having the players actual form state. Move them to end of March begining of April.

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