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Originally Posted by Shoebottom View Post
Boston should have a designated goon playing games vs teams that dress these giant goons. If the other team can spare a spot for one, so can Boston for a game. Especially since its not fair to Thornton to face these monsters. By not having one, we lose the advantage of having Lucic & Chara in these sort of games. Designated goon & Thornton can take care of the other team's goons so that Chara and Lucic don't have to fight these scrubs. I don't want to lose either player fighting against these goons, they should stick to fighting big minute players on the other team.

Last night Scott, Stafford and Ott didn't have to answere to anything. Yeah we won, but it would've been nice to exact some pain as well on that team. Remember how tough Ottawa was with MacGratten, Niel, and Chara? I want something like that when we play Toronto or Buffalo.

Its only one spot on the team every other game, Campbell sits, McGratten plays vs Toronto. Then Campbell switches in vs Montreal. Don't see what the big deal is.

To maximize what Lucic & Chara provide, you got to have a big time heavy.
DUDE... if anyone is going to sit for us to dress a monster its THORNTON not Campbell who is an important part of the best PK in the league. What ridiculous logic. You'd honestly sit Campbell and screw up our PK just to get a guy tougher than Thornton in the lineup?

If we dress a monster Thornton gets scratched for someone and that is us telling Shawn he isn't good at what has kept him in the NHL into his 30s. That is life, sorry it doesn't fit your agenda. So like I said if you want that monster to play Thornton sits there is no way around that sorry.

Campbell is bad at fighting. I respect him for it but I wish he'd stop since he sucks at it and his fights are not emotional out of the heat of the moment and in retaliation to something, they are the BS staged 4th liner fights that should be removed from hockey.

I have never minded Ference or Horton dropping the gloves they do it appropriate situations. When Campbell fights I am never excited and just hope he hangs in there and gets a draw.

Fighting doesn't help us right now. Thornton was trending upwards as a fighter but the Scott fight changes things and 10 or more NHL teams ice crappy players I'd rather Shawn not go with. Lucic and Chara I only want fighting other first liners (not gonna happen.) Campbell sucks at it. And Horton and Ference are good fighters for non fighters but I don't really want either dropping them at this stage...ditto McQuaid who is clearly afraid to take on a real fighter.

Things change, I don't want any line brawl games right now like the Dallas and Atlanta ones in years past.

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