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Originally Posted by GuineaPig View Post
Of course games are more important in the playoffs than in the regular season.

But I don't think that players all of a sudden get better or worse in the playoffs. That means that placing increased emphasis on a smaller sample of work can lead to incorrect conclusions.
Two issues separate the regular season from the playoffs.

Taking the present structure into effect - 82 regular season games plus 28 playoff games potentially.

Stamina becomes an issue. Do you determine who is best after 80% or a 100% of the. Not a question of getting better or worse but sustaining ability over a longer period of games.

Adaptability becomes an issue. Regular season a player may play the same opponent two consecutive games. During the playoffs players can play the same opponent upwards of seven games. Measuring adaptability two games does not produce the same picture than measuring adaptability after seven games. Some players do not show the same versitility and flexibility over seven games as others.

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